The Hobbit Lecture #4

“Rescued in the Wild, By the Wild”

Reading: Chapters Six and Seven,“Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire,” and “Queer Lodgings”

In this lecture, we’ll look at what happens to Bilbo’s relationship with the dwarves and with Gandalf in the new phase of the hobbit’s burglarious career. We will also take a close look at each of the residents of the Wild that we meet in these chapters: the goblins, the wargs, the eagles, and Beorn. Having done so, we’ll step back to look at the larger nature of the Wild as a whole and what it shows us about Bilbo and his world. Finally, as we look toward the trip into Mirkwood, we’ll take a close look at the long and puzzling song that the dwarves sing in Beorn’s hall.


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