The Hobbit Lecture #5

“Bilbo Builds His Resume”

Reading: Chapters Eight, Nine, and Ten, “Flies and Spiders,” “Barrels Out of Bond,” and “A Warm Welcome”

In this installment, we follow Bilbo and the dwarves into the eerie otherworld of Mirkwood, with its dark, black monsters and its beautiful and perilous Elves. We will also find another crucial turning point in Bilbo’s career, and we will watch what happens when Bilbo finally lives up to Gandalf’s recommendation and begins to take on the leadership of the expedition. Finally, we will look closely at the outburst of enthusiasm upon the party’s water-logged arrival in Lake Town, and at the songs of prophecy with which they are greeted.


Part 1 – .mp3 or .m4a – 22 minutes

Part 2 – .mp3 or .m4a – 21 minutes

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