The Hobbit Lecture #6

“Bilbo Earns His Reward”

Reading: Chapters Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, “On The Doorstep,” “Inside Information,” and “Not At Home”

Bilbo Baggins, action hero? Almost! In this lecture, we look at Bilbo’s personal transformation as he realizes that the dwarves have no idea how to actually deal with the dragon. We talk about the difference in perspective between the dwarves and Bilbo, take a look back at Chapter 1 in comparison, and discuss Bilbo’s acceptance of his new identity, which he now hopes to help construct. We gain some insight on Bilbo as the “clue-finder” by learning about an earlier manuscript draft of the chapter on the Spiders of Mirkwood. We delve deeply into Bilbo’s riddle-based recount of his activities to Smaug.

And Professor Olsen uses the word “triskaidekaphobia.”

Length: 41 minutes

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