The Hobbit Lecture #8

Return and Recovery

Reading: Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen, “The Return Journey” and “The Last Stage”

In our final lecture, we trace our steps with Bilbo and find, as he does, that home doesn’t look quite the same anymore. We discuss the healing in the changed perspective and attitudes of dwarves, elves, and men post-battle. We look at Bilbo balancing both his Baggins and Took sides in his home-life, discuss “the road” as connector, and touch on Bilbo’s journey as piece of a larger story.

Professor Olsen also casually mentions that it’s taken him four and a half years to get from Hobbit Lecture 1 to Hobbit Lecture 8. That’s roughly 3 years longer than it took Bilbo to go “there and back again.”

Length: 26 minutes

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