Tolkien Literature

The Bodleian Library at Oxford

The Bodleian Library, Oxford

Gathered together on these pages are The Tolkien Professor’s recommendations for literature by and about J.R.R. Tolkien, including audio editions and links to several online bookstores where you can purchase copies of these books.

Tolkien’s Legendarium: Find primary texts of Tolkien’s legendarium, including his well-known classics The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. These are the editions referred to by The Tolkien Professor in his podcast series.

The History of Middle-earth: Read through the history of how Tolkien’s legendarium came to be, from early drafts of stories that made up the Silmarillion, to the various versions and editions of the One Ring saga.

Tolkien Scholarship & Criticism: This section contains literary criticism and other books written by Tolkien scholars as well as other secondary materials.

More Tolkien: Discover lesser-known works of fiction by Tolkien, the expansive History of Middle-earth series edited by his son Christopher, and Tolkien’s own translations of some classic medieval poems.

Special Editions: Check out deluxe editions, movie tie-ins, and other versions suitable for the true Tolkien collector.