The Hobbit Lecture #7

The Hobbit Grows Up

Reading: Chapters Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, and Seventeen, “Fire and Water,” “The Gathering of The Clouds,” “A Thief in The Night,” and “The Clouds Burst”

In this installment, we discuss the rest of the main action of the story, starting with Smaug’s death and going through the Battle of Five Armies. The death of the dragon doesn’t mean a fairytale ending. We look at how the waste created by the dragon manifests in not only physical destruction but in “dragon-sickness”: not just greed, but selfishness and isolation. We’ll discuss how Bilbo’s separation from the other parties allows him the space to rise to his finest hour as a common enemy emerges. (Spoiler: It’s Goblins.) The “King Under the Mountain” finally returns.

And Professor Olsen uses the word “eucatastrophe.”

Length: 27 minutes

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