Announcing the Mythgard Institute

Want to study Tolkien for credit towards an MA (or just for fun) with world-class scholars and teachers?

Listen to the recording of the live broadcast announcement of the Mythgard Institute, courtesy of Middle-Earth Network Radio:

Part I: .mp3 | .m4a  Part II: .mp3 | .m4a
(and the Mythgard Q&A Call-In Show, 11/27/11: .mp3)

For years, students have had two basic options in higher education: take courses at a residential college or major university or choose to take online classes. The former traditionally presents challenges of increasing cost and geography while the latter is lacking the dialectical interactions that enrich the residential college experience.

But now, there is a third choice, which brings together the best of both systems:  The Mythgard Institute.

The Day Has Come!

Visit today!