Riddles in the Dark: Episodes Six and Seven

After a slightly longer than usual delay, listeners will be delighted to know that Dr. Olsen and Dave Kale are back with another two installments of Riddles in the Dark.  Episodes Six and Seven will cover the much rumored about “split” between the two upcoming Peter Jackson Hobbit films.  Episode Seven even contains a special guest appearance by Fr. Roderick of SQPN!  Listen to both today!

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Dr. Olsen Interviewed by Jason Hartman

The Tolkien Professor was recently asked to sit down for an interview with Jason Hartman, host of the Speaking of Wealth podcast.  While a bit of a departure from the normal subject matter covered by Dr. Olsen, it was a great opportunity to talk about how the ease of creating content with new media tools has allowed for direct opportunities for teaching and learning that would never have existed before.  Listen in to episode #49 of the SoW show here.

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College Prep with Your Favorite Books

The Mythgard Institute has just opened the doors on a new college prep opportunity for high school students interested in the books of both J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.  Mythgard Academy will offer three week online courses that will offer students not only a chance to go in-depth with their favorite works but to also experience a college lecture hall and practice their writing – with individual tutoring.

The Mythgard Academy Summer Camp takes it one step further by offering students a unique chance to  study on-campus at Washington College.  Participants will be asked to write about either The Fellowship of the Ring or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – both the book and the film adaptation – using iPads and new media tools.

Learn more about both at Mythgard’s site.  If you have younger fans of the Tolkien Professor in your household, we’re sure they are going to love it!

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Faerie and Fantasy 24

Faerie and Fantasy 24 continues with George McDonald’s “The Princess and the Goblin”, Chapters 11-20. Download it here.

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