Riddles in the Dark Episode Four!

Episode Four is now available!

Prof. Corey Olsen and Dave Kale finally get to the heart of the matter and discuss Thorin Oakenshield.  They compare his different portrayals across The Hobbit, Appendix A of The Return of the King, and different versions of The Quest of Erebor and analyze how they may be combined and adapted by Peter Jackson’s team in the upcoming The Hobbit films.  They focus in on his testy relationship with Gandalf, as well as his rivalry with Bilbo over the leadership of the group, and they speculate how the filmmakers may craft his story arc and character development.  Finally, they zero in on one specific moment: will the filmmakers preserve Thorin’s early capture by the elves of Mirkwood, or will they add him to the battle with the spiders?

Prediction of the Week: How will Thorin end up in the Elvenking’s dungeon?

(A) Just as in the book: he will be taken by the elves prior to the spider conflict.
(B) He will be captured with the rest of them, after the spider fight; they won’t be separated.
(C) Neither of the above.